For Jamaica House & Garden, I made an an Artist Plaque for the house of Clarence Williams & Eva Taylor in Jamaica, Queens and filed a proposal for a city medallion plaque for the house. I also commissioned one concert and two talks with part of my artist honorarum.

Jamaica Flux, 2016
My invitation, a print edition, for neighbors on the Jamaica block of Clarence Williams & Eva Taylor, as well as for project participants.
Commission one: Garden Jam by Ismail Aabdul-Quaadir
May 21st, 2016

I invited local Jamaica drummer, Ismail Abdul-Quaadir, to play music inspired by Clarence Williams and Eva Taylor, and he put together a band for the occasion.

Commission two: talk by Brett Crenshaw
I shared my research with Brett Crenshaw - who grew up in Jamaica, Queens - and invited him to produce and present his own research on Clarence Williams and Eva Taylor for the Garden Jam.
Commission three: talk by Shervone Neckles

Finally, I invited Shervone Neckles, who lives in Jamaica, Queens, to introduce her Wellness Station (also a Jamaica Flux 16 project.)

I placed posters with information on Clarence Williams & Eva Taylor, as well as a Michael Wilson painting of Jamaica community gardeners, at Don Nicos - around the corner from Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. The owner of Don Nicos subsequently bought Michael's painting for the restaurant.

Process installation at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning
One image containing several images - a series for the process installation at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning.
October, 2014
For my Jamaica Flux presentation, I recreated the garden picnic of 2012, including Garden Salad, and invited gardeners & artists.
William P. Miller Gallery, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Queens, NY
Archival inkjet prints, dimensions variable

For Queens Art Express (QAX), a Queens Council of the Arts commission, I was asked the following question: "What If We Re-Made U.S. Housing Policy?" I chose to focus on Jamaica, Queens - site of exhibition and a neighborhood of many foreclosures. My proposal consists of two uses for the city's empty buildings: to be used for artist residencies that offer literacy services and, secondly, for headquarters that promote Jamaica, Queens - including it being the place Paul Bowles grew up: a s site to display his writings and translations of Moroccan folk tales, produce concerts of his music as well as the Berber folk music he recorded during field trips in the late 1950's and early 1960s.

photo credit: Ed Marshall Photography

QPTV review by Vanessa Gualdron:

Once you nearly complete your round around the space, you come across Anna Lise Jensen’s pieces. A combination of photographs taken in Jamaica, Queens coupled with excerpts of Paul Bowles, a Jamaica native, writing from his time spent in Tangiers. Jensen’s pieces were an inspiring way to end the show. While the other artists provided the public with the different realities of homelessness, she offers ways to deal with urban abandonment and displacement; focusing specifically on Jamaica. By keeping her proposal on a local level, I think Jensen instilled a feeling of community and alliance, a feeling you should walk away with.

I collaborated with artist Michael Wilson on a booklet, Artist Residency With Literacy Service, made during my residency at Arts@Renaissance in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I also invited Brooklyn House of Kulture and Annette Rusin to contribute booklets on housing and then produced all four as special editions for QAX.

For the images I made in Jamaica, I chose excerpts from the writings of Paul Bowles - commenting on the colonial and post-colonial context of his chosen home of Tangiers, Morocco.