Visitor images in my studio.

The Visitor project (2006 - 2010) began after I moved to London in 2006, having received an exchange grant to attend the Slade School of Fine Art. Not knowing anyone in the city, and being curious as to what was behind the walls along the pavements where I was walking, I began to ask strangers (mostly at the Slade) for permission to photograph their backyards - a common metaphor for territoriality - whatever shape it might take. These encounters was my way of penetrating social and architectural barriers in a novel environment.

Visit #1
Visit #4
Visit #7
Visit #8
Visit #10
Visit #11
Visit #14
Visit #23

For Visit #23, my last visit, I ended up as both visitor and host. First, I visited strangers at the Flux Factory and made an image of the backyard that I subsequently turned into the top of a table. Then, a few months later, I hosted strangers for the inaugural opening at Flux, 2010, offering candy to them that I had dressed conceptually for the occasion.

Duchamp's candy-wrapper inspired my Kit-Kat covers in box on the Visitor table