site specific installation: neon sign, archival inkjet prints, interviews and a live-streamed conversation.

For the 40th anniversary of Edward Hopper House in Nyack, NY, I reciprocated the access I was granted to the private areas of the house - basement and second floor (that houses an office and artist residencies) - by sharing the images I made there with visitors throughout the ground floor rooms.

Kitchen Conversation, Sep. 3rd, 2011

I organized and live-streamed a public conversation in the room that formerly functioned as a kitchen, now the memorabilia room - with John Cant, Win Perry and Robert Minichiello - locals, who who were all instrumental in saving Hopper House from being turned into a parking lot 40 years ago.

archival inkjet prints, dimensions variable
My portrait of Win Perry with brochures for visitors featuring his detailed description on work involved in saving Hopper House.

Postscript: I met "the Arnolds" at the live-streaming conversation I conducted at Hopper House in 2011. I was impressed by their DIY approach to saving Edward Hopper's family home and, in 2012, I installed my flower triptych in the barn of their family farm near Davenport, NY. We discussed healthy farming versus current corporate models.